Saturday, February 20, 2010

I almost forgot that I had started a google blog. So here are some thoughts. The only thing I can say is, life has been very busy for me and 2010 came way too fast. I do feel that something big will happen this year and it will be good thing. I have finished my first novel. It is a work of fiction, using some historical facts, and it comprises over 90,000 words. My hope of having it published seems like a dream but maybe, just maybe it will happen. The usual techniques of enlisting seven readers for their opinions and comments has been done and many, many edits have been applied to my manuscript. The next story in this historical series involving Nancy Caldwell, a fictional middle aged amateur sleuth, has already begun.
So you may ask yourself what is the first story about?
Mooncussers intertwine present day Nancy Caldwell with the infamous 18th century pirate Sam Bellamy, legendary Maria Hallet and lost treasure. The mystery takes place on Cape Cod. It is a fun read and takes you from 1700 to present day.

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