Tuesday, October 28, 2014


A few weekends ago my daughter, Annie, and the love of her life, Eric, were joined in marriage on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day. I was also privileged to be the officiant at this lovely ceremony. It made my heart sing knowing they are so much in love.

And on the same day, my second historical fiction, The Old Cape Teapot, arrived on our doorstep from my publisher. It was a perfect day with two great events and two exciting celebrations all coming together at the Struna household.

Besides my novel making headlines as a great mystery read, my daughter gave me a new son-in–law.

Within the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding at our house and finalizing all the details of my new novel there was a lot of work, and yet, an abundance of happiness. Both were a labor of love start to finish, of course, Annie's was most important.  It all came together, from Annie's handmade bouquets, special centerpieces, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting to the photo booth, corn toss games, and overall design of the wedding! And...all my children had traveled home again, to share in the celebration with the whole family.

The other evening before the wedding day, I was able to steal a few quiet moments to myself on the back porch. All the lights that were wrapped around the trees behind the barn and inside the tent reflected a warm yellow glow in the night. It was so romantic.

And the next day it was even prettier in daylight.

                                                     It was a perfect setting for love.

So on that joyous note, may I remind you that you can purchase my new historical fiction, The Old Cape Teapot through Struna Galleries, Amazon, Barnes - Noble, iTunes and all the fine bookstores and shops across Cape Cod. (see side panel for options and listing of coming events and bookstores)

If you enjoyed my first novel, The Old Cape House, you'll like this one. Nancy Caldwell returns to take us to the tropical island of Antigua and back to the Cape following an old map and the trails of two 18th century pirates, the only survivors of the 1717 pirate ship Whydah. Nancy's on the hunt for more treasure! The book is told, once again, using alternating chapters from the 18th – 21st centuries.
The Old Cape Teapot 

 I'm always on the lookout for interesting and unique facts about beautiful Cape Cod. I'll keep you posted!

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