Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Blog Hop - What scares you?

Join me on a Blog Hop for Halloween!
Visit my blog on October 30 through Halloween, read something scary, enter to win a free ebook of my novel, The Old Cape House...then click on the list of other blogs participating in the blog hop for more treats and fun.
Blog hop starts on October 30 and goes through Halloween night.

What's a blog hop? A blog hop is a list of blogs that are shared on multiple blogs. You can hop from blog to blog for treats or gifts and meet authors and their books. Follow the directions on each blog to enter all the contests. Happy Halloween!


  1. Can't wait to do this - got a super scary TRUE story to share on our CWO Blog! Make sure you head over to our blog and tell your spooky tale for a chance to win a listing on the Holiday CWO Bookshelf :)

  2. I'll be blog hopping with a tasty cup of glog!

  3. Usually the morning news is what scares me the most. But if I turn and look out into my woods, I can calm down enough to continue on through the day. ;). RB