Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cape Cod–A Walk in Nickerson State Park

Nickerson State Park - Ober Trail -Brewster

  The first thing I do if I'm feeling stressed or anxious is exercise or take a walk. Not many things bother me but when they do...I walk.

The anticipation to see my first novel The Old Cape House on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes, and actually holding it in my hand, is driving me nuts. So Tim and I walk away the tension.

The forest canopy above our heads is filled with the green of ancient pines. Our feet press and slide across its floor, blanketed with golden pine needles. I imagine myself in a Disney animated movie, like Snow White, as the path takes us through the woods in graceful ups and downs, twists and curves.

 Parts of the trail are closed for biking because of 'rough surfaces'. The tenacity of nature shows its force as the roots of these magnificent trees burst forth from under the asphalt. I've always thought it's a reminder for us to be careful and not intrude or destroy the natural order of our environment any more than we need and always make decisions with mutual respect for each other and our surroundings.

 There's an old cemetery in the woods on this path...

...with four gravestones.

The left stone marks John Crosby - Died August 7, 1843 at the age of 68.
The stone on the right reads Dorcas Crosby – Died July 14, 1846 at the age of 35.
There are also two small stones that I assume represent two children. In my research, I discovered that Dorcas was John Crosby's daughter, not his wife as was suspected.
Not much is known about these people and why they were buried by themselves in the middle of Nickerson State Park. Could it have been smallpox? Oftentimes these victims were segregated in death as they were in life when they took sick.

Here's a map of Nickerson State Park. The Ober trail is in the upper left hand corner. On this day we cut across the middle path that separates the Ober Trail from the Deer Trail to complete our explore.
It was a little sad to view the cemetery but as we returned to where we started, we came across a tree with a unique aberration that had grown into its bark. Can you see it?

Tim and I stopped, hugged, and thanked each other for the love that we share. You never know what you'll find walking in the woods on Cape Cod.

Coming soon...The Old Cape House

A historical novel that uses alternating chapters between the 18th and 21st centuries. The Old Cape House follows two women that are lifetimes apart to uncover a mystery that has had the old salts of Cape Cod guessing for almost 300 years.

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