Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Changes on Cape Cod

We can't escape change. Nature changes our surroundings by the second, it's always moving, growing, and dying...giving way to rebirth.

Nauset Beach in Orleans has been transformed this winter by the forces of nature. The boardwalk that takes you to the beach has been filled in with sand.

Now the top of the fence posts are all that's exposed as you walk the boardwalk.

 Here's the little bench that offered a restful view of the Atlantic Ocean. The top rail and its plaque can only be seen.

To the side of the boardwalk is a ramp for easy access to the beach. Currently this is what it looks like...not so easy.

This picture was taken of the same ramp in the summer.

More changes...

Last week we took our first walk without our beagle Mac. Sadly we lost him to old age and a weak heart. We will miss our faithful companion. But we continue to walk and explore in his memory and for our good health.

No matter what changes come into your life, I know that a walk along the beach is always restorative and soothing.

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  1. Beautiful friend, beautiful pictures.... Thank you for posting..