Sunday, February 19, 2012

Historical Travel - Old Kings Highway

When you drive down the Old Kings Highway (Route 6A) on Cape Cod, have you ever thought about this old road?  Did you know that it is historic, and one of the most scenic byways in the United States?  Do you wonder if the road always looked this way or has it changed? 

Well, this stately, tree-lined, picturesque road of olden days that meanders across the Cape in lovely twists and turns is certainly beautiful but has been altered. Over the years, the powers-to-be decided to simplify the road, thinking it would be safer if you could see ahead unobstructed, and you could go faster. If you look closely in certain sections, the road takes a straighter path than the original.

 Our house was built in 1890 on Route 6A and is a good example of how the road has not changed.

 A short distance away from us, the original old road is to the right of the now Route 6A , more than likely to accommodate the increase of cars and safer travel.

Here's a close up showing how the road was straightened. Behind the trees and out of sight on the right sits a house from the 18th century or even older. It probably saw a lot of travelers by horse and buggy.

So...the next time you drive down the Old Kings Highway, see if you can spot these breaks in the road. 
Often times, there are historic houses or old buildings nestled to the side of the road. These deviations look like long driveways but they 're not.

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