Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Collections on Cape Cod

Storm clouds blew over the East Coast last week. Crosby Landing Beach, in Brewster, received its share of Mother Nature's fury. It was windy, rainy, and chilly on the morning Tim and I took a walk down the dog path that parallels the coastline. At its end, the narrow path turns left and over a dune for the return to the parking lot on the beach. 

 A smooth sandy drift blocked our passage. As we walked around, we found a surprise.

Someone had found a bottle opener/corkscrew and placed it on the fence post. A remnant of fun from the beach this past summer. Thinking of foot safety, I picked it up for our collection of lost objects we've come across on the beach.

Over the years on Cape Cod, we've collected some unusual objects. 

As you know, I collect other things. Whenever I travel, walk, or explore, I'm always watching and listening.  I find interesting people who tell me their stories, their histories, and memories. I use experiences from my youth.  I incorporate feelings or images that I come across on my daily walks. There are old houses, cranberry bogs, ancient paths, and hidden treasures not yet uncovered on the beach or on a nearby field. All waiting to be discovered, if you only look. And I always look!

When I craft my novels, I pull on everything that comes across my life's journey. 

In my latest novel, The Old Cape Teapot, my contemporary character, Nancy Caldwell, visits her son on Antigua. He's in the Peace Corps on the island.  While there, she meets a direct descendant of a pirate survivor from the pirate ship Whydah that sunk off the coast of Cape Cod in 1717. 

Well...I do have a son who served in the Peace Corp on the island of Antigua and based some of the story on my own experiences when I visited him back in the late nineties.


Did I sleep surrounded in netting to keep the lizards out of my bed? Of course. 

 Did my son, Tim, build an orphanage for special needs children? Yes.

Was there a small cafe at the end of the road by his little house? Yes, and I did eat goat stew!

Have I ever met a real pirate? Have I ever found treasure? The answers to these questions I intend to keep secret.  But I will tell you that I'm always searching. I hope you are too! 

My third historical novel, The Old Cape's Hollywood Secret, will be coming in the summer of 2016. Nancy Caldwell takes you back to1947 in Hollywood and on Cape Cod.  This time it's an adventure/ thriller with a touch of history and the glamour of old Hollywood.

Check out where I'll be over the month of October under EVENTS.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

 From Pirates to Art, Wine, and Words. I'll be at the Whydah Pirate Museum tomorrow, Wednesday 8/19 from 11–2PM in Provincetown on MacMillan Pier talking about pirates and Sam Bellamy and Maria Hallett.

Then on Tuesday 8/25 from 4–7PM, I'll be at the Cape Cod Museum of Fine Art in a benefit for Dream Day on Cape Cod.

 I hope you will come out and support this fine cause –Dream Day on Cape Cod- and meet nine wonderful authors!

Monday, August 10, 2015

On sale today 8/10/15 through 8/11/15
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When Nancy Caldwell moves with her family into an old seaside house, she's shocked to find gold coins and a baby's skull hidden in their backyard. So begins a thrilling adventure and romance that intertwines the 18th and 21st centuries.



Thursday, July 9, 2015

Does your local library have any secrets?

Dumbledore's office/library from Harry Potter. (courtesy of

Have you ever wondered how your library came to be? I have, which prompted me to investigate a few. I discovered several of our libraries here on the Cape have some interesting history.

Consider the Brewster Ladies Library on Cape Cod. 

In 1852, Sarah Augusta Mayo and Mary Louise Cobb felt the need for a library in their town. They began talking to their friends and convinced them to join together and open one in the home of Captain Mayo at 1772 Main Street. In 1853 on January 29,  Brewster opened their first library. Because of the growing demand for more books as years passed, Captain Joseph Nickerson donated $1000 towards a new building fund. In 1868 the current structure was built at 1822 Main Street. (Facts courtesy of Brewster Ladies Library.)

Fun Fact:  Men were allowed to borrow books but had to pay for them, not the women! This rule didn't last very long.

The library was enlarged and included two front parlors with cozy fireplaces added to the front. Today library patrons are invited to use these rooms. Take a stroll to the front of the building where you'll find some creaky floors and comfy chairs to relax in or...

...spread out on a beautiful inlaid work table.

If you travel to the bordering town of Orleans, the Snow Library has a few unique displays inside. It was built in 1877 on a triangle of land at the corner of Route 28 and Main Street. The building burned down during a blizzard in 1952 and was rebuilt across from its original location in 1954.

 What's interesting about this library are the maps on the second floor.

There are two framed maps down a hallway. One is from 1858 and shows the whole of Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket Counties. The other lists all the stores and commercial establishments of these counties during the same time period of 1858.

When I was writing my second historical novel, The Old Cape Teapot, I went in search of old maps from the lower cape as did my fictional character, Nancy Caldwell.

I studied a close–up of Eastham and the area around Doane Rock. It gave me the idea for a plot twist in my second novel, The Old Cape Teapot. The historical chapters in this book take place from 1724 to 1744 on Antigua and Cape Cod.

And I also discovered that the rock was originally called Enoch's Rock, named by Deacon John Doane after one of his son's. You can see the words, 'Enoch's Rock' near the bottom right of image.

Stay safe throughout the summer and make sure you visit your local library for all their secrets, weekly events, and the opportunity to explore with the magic of books! 

What does your library have that's waiting for you to discover?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Interview: Books on the World – The Old Cape Teapot

Every time I do an interview, I never know what questions I'll be asked but Bob Silverberg from Cape Cod Writers Center surprised me. He kept me laughing as I explained the how and the why of my second historical novel, The Old Cape Teapot on the wonderful show, Books of the World.

Click on the link below to hear the show.

The Old Cape Teapot interview 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Digging around the Cape

Almost everyone likes to dig in the garden. It feels good to get your hands dirty, to smell the sweet spring soil, and then relish in your efforts of growing tasty vegetables or beautiful fragrant flowers. But sometimes your shovel can uncover some unexpected surprises and not always in the garden.

I found this toy gun buried in the dirt alongside our driveway. I'd worked in this little garden for many years and never saw it. After one summer of heavy storms, I noticed its handle peaking out among the ground cover.
At the time, the discovery frightened me but then I realized it was only a toy. It also prompted me to make use of the incident in my historical fiction, The Old Cape House.

When my first novel, The Old Cape House, was in the process of being edited, the planting of the seed for my second historical novel, The Old Cape Teapot, began to grow. Researching the story of Sam Bellamy, Maria Hallett, and the pirate ship Whydah piqued my imagination further to ponder the fate of the two survivors of the Whydah. Were they actual pirates? Not according to the courts of Boston, who found them innocent by reason of coercion. So what happened to them? I began to craft my second novel.

Several other things pushed me along in the writing process of The Old Cape Teapot.

I joined a group of Cape Codders trying to find the original cornerstone markers of the Cape Cod towns. Sometimes we would sidestep our original hunt and follow other Cape historical mysteries.
One spring afternoon we ventured into the woods of Orleans. We were told to spread out and look for anything that looked odd in the ground, specifically large stones or something that might look like a marker.
I was lucky. I spotted an aberration or mound on the forest floor that had a small, seven inch in diameter, gray circle that was visible at its top.  I began to pull the grassy moss aside.

By the time I was finished pulling, a whale of a rock was exposed. They called it Barbara's Rock! Oftentimes the early Pilgrims would use natural markers when marking off property lines. This rock almost lined up with the Magnetic North. Interesting....
Another day we returned to the same area and discovered the possible site of an old Windmill.
Here's a link to a video posted about the discovery.

Old Windmill – Orleans

While exploring with The Cornerstone Group, my imagination took flight once more and I used the discovery of the Old Windmill as a major plot point in my historical fiction, thriller and mystery, The Old Cape Teapot.
 The circle foundation of the windmill is not perfect but the step stones are clearly visible.

It was fun and exciting. Can you almost make out a large arrow that seems to be carved into the bigger stone?

Treasure can be found in all forms and places, be it diamonds, archeological evidence, or just meeting a new and interesting person. The thrill of the hunt for 'treasure' never gets old, at least not for me. I'll always be ready for the challenge. I hope you are.

The Old Cape Teapot – a historical mystery, thriller, and adventure.
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