Monday, January 25, 2016

Walking Crosby-Winter 2016

Crosby Scott
Tim and I are walking Crosby. No, not our new handsome grandson, Crosby Struna, but Crosby Beach in Brewster.

In the aftermath of the weekend's storm, Cape Cod proved to be lucky. We only had 5-10 inches of snow. Other states along the Atlantic coast didn't fare as well. So when the sun came out today, we left our cozy home to explore the beach at Crosby Landing.

Brewster had cleared a small circle for any hearty beach-goers. We parked, buttoned up, and headed for the beach.

A layer of gray slurry had formed about 100 yards wide. Undaunted we continued down the dune and turned to the left to a small path other people had carved out.

To our surprise, the snow, wind, and water had created a mass of ice across the top of the breakwall. It resembled an upturned boat. Then we turned to inspect the white line of ice and snow that lined the whole coastline.

Through a combination of cold temperatures, ocean, and snow, the gray slurry had formed a dam. It was approaching high tide but the water was held back by this temporary barrier. In 28 years here on the Cape I'd never seen anything like it. I'm sure it wasn't new but I hadn't seen it.

As we walked the frozen beach, we couldn't help but be reminded of a few years ago when our oldest son, Scott, married his beautiful wife, Carly, on the beach at Crosby Landing. They even got engaged there. It's very special to the young couple. Hence, little Crosby!

 It was a beautiful summer day for their wedding. Quite a difference from the January picture.

Behind the happy couple you can see the top edges of the breakwall that was covered in a huge ice drift on January 24.  Every year when they come to Cape Cod, Crosby Landing is the first place they visit after giving us some hugs and kisses.

During the recent storm that blanketed the Cape with mounds of snow, I was cozy inside...writing. And I'm happy to say that my third historical novel is just about finished. Only a few chapters left to wrap everything up. I think it's going to be almost 88,000 words and titled, The Old Cape's Hollywood Secret. Another page turner you won't want to put down. It takes place in 1947 and present day. My character, Nancy Caldwell, follows her detective instincts on a journey from Hollywood to Cape Cod. Along the way, she solves a cold case that involves the disappearance of a young Cape Cod woman and uncovers a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Just in case, you're looking for a good winter read, my other historical fictions, The Old Cape House and The Old Cape Teapot are available on Amazon, B&N, iTunes and many bookstores on Cape Cod. See list on the sidebar. Oh, and we still have skunks but they're almost gone!

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