Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Mysterious Cape Cod Cranberry Trail

The Cape's wind decreased this morning and the sun was out, Tim and I decided to take our daily walk on the beach instead of in the woods through Nickerson state Park.  We chose Linnell Landing Beach. With gloves and hats on, we ventured out of the car. As soon as we turned to head west, I discovered a single cranberry along the wrack line on the beach.

I didn't mention it as we kept a nice pace across the sand. After covering about 10 feet more, I saw another berry. This time I spoke up. "Look at the cranberry."

We both stopped. Tim said with a laugh, "That's interesting. Maybe they fell off a boat."
Then we walked ahead another 10 feet.

These beautiful crimson berries kept appearing on the sand as if they were placed there on purpose.

Now we were curious. We kept going, even though we had to get back to the gallery and open for the day.

We got as far as Ocean Edge before we turned around, all the while following the red berries.
When we finally reached our car, I wanted to go further east, so we did...only to find more berries strategically placed in a line along the wrack line. We walked another 100 feet, then returned to our car. All the way home, we thought of several reasons why the berries were on the beach.
Maybe... someone made a scavenger hunt and at the end would be a jar of cranberry sauce.

Or...someone placed the berries so they would remember how to get back to where they started.
       (We both laughed at that one.)

Or...someone laid the berries for a challenge to the unsuspecting traveler along the beach to guess why the berries were there in the first place.

Does anyone out there know why the cranberries were there? And who did it?

Of course, it is Thanksgiving and the cranberry is one of the stars of the feast. I know I love cranberry sauce. We decided to go back tomorrow and if the tide didn't take them away, we'll follow the trail to Crosby Lane and beyond.

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The Old Cape Teapot
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The Old Cape House

On a final note. Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though I posted this blog last Thanksgiving I thought it was still interesting. So here is its link.

History of Thanksgiving

My motto: "Never stop searching and enjoy the adventure!"

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