Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter on Cape Cod

Winter has settled upon sleepy Cape Cod. Temperatures are hovering below freezing and the wind makes everything colder.

The beaches still beckon us to visit. Tim and I, plus our beagle Mac, try to listen to the call of the mighty ocean and explore its dunes and shoreline.

Linnell Landing in Brewster is usually the easiest access for us to see the tumultuous water-waves and whitecaps when the wind is really blowing. 
The day we took these pictures the temperature was 9 degrees with a wind chill making the air a frigid 0 degrees and below. We didn't stay long... just long enough to feel the power of nature.

My blog has been quiet since the end of August because I received a new hip in September 2012. Recovering kept me occupied. At first I was disappointed with myself when I discovered that my hip needed to be replaced, after all, I ate right and exercised all the time. But when I was told that it was a form of a birth defect, my bone was too big for my hip socket and it literally wore out, I felt better. It wasn't all my fault.
The good news is that because I was so active before the surgery, I rode my bike the day before my hip was replaced, I healed quicker.
So now I'm back to my usual wanderings across this beautiful peninsula and discovering interesting facts and places.

I'm also thrilled to start off 2013 with the news that Booktrope Publishing of Seattle has offered me a contract to publish my first novel, The Old Cape House: A Mooncussers Tale.
We are in the editing process right now and hope to have a completion date soon. I will keep you posted.