Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bear on Cape Cod?

When I first heard that there was a bear on Cape Cod, I was stunned. The last bear sighting on the Cape was 300 years ago. This past Wednesday he was sighted in Brewster on his way eastward. As I rode my bike near Nickerson State Park on the same day in early morning, I couldn't help but think that he might cross my path in some of the heavily forested areas.

 According to officials, our very own ursus americanus swam across the canal from central Massachusetts to get to vacation-land. He was simply roaming and looking for a mate.

 After reaching the tip of Provincetown at the end of the week, he turned around and headed back. This photo was taken by Lezl Rowell on the bear's return trip near Gull Pond in Wellfleet.  It was also where they eventually caught him.

 Here's a link to the whole story from CapeCast -

Cape Cod Bear Video!

This image was taken by 13 year old Liam Crivellaro of Wellfleet.

This photo was taken by Michael Struna and it was about as close as we came to a wild animal. Our lonely nighttime raccoon was looking for a late night snack as it crawled up and over our car in the driveway.

Footnote to the Cape Cod Bear!  After state officials tranquilized our unexpected visitor, they drove the bear to an undisclosed area in Central Mass. Here's hoping he'll find someone to love, raise a family and plan a vacation somewhere other than Cape Cod.


  1. I am going to miss him- I have been enjoying following his escapades. Now there is a rare Beluga whale in the waters off Provincetown and Cape Tip Seafood in Truro just caught and released a 22 lb lobster. Nice to have real "wild life" on the Cape for a change...

  2. I agree but just in case...keep your doors locked. Just kidding!

  3. Is it true he crossed to the Cape via theCC tunnel?

  4. Haven't you heard, tunnels are only for residents of Cape Cod. Just kidding, I find it so interesting that he swam...bears are very good swimmers, according to state officials.